Prepare for retirement

The years of retirement account for about one-third of your life. You surely have plans and dreams for this time of life.

What will your pension allow you to do?
You may find the level of statutory pension surprisingly low. Just when you finally have the time to enjoy life, travel and use various services, you may find that your income is low. To top it all, the statutory pension cover may be even lower in the future, as fewer taxpayers will be paying for the pensions of the growing population. Using only I and II pillar solutions the expected level of pension during retirement is only approximately 40% of your current income.

Do not confine yourself to this situation, take action. Provide for a better future by yourself. It is recommended to save each month at least 10-15% of your income to ensure current living standard during retirement. Take steps today: the sooner you start, the better your pension income will be.

Pension solutions

Mandatum Life Pension fund
It is a balanced solution with diversified portfolio keeping in mind specifically pension investors needs. Mandatum Life Pension fund invests 40% to Equities, 40% to Fixed income and 20% to Alternative investments*. Investors get access to unique investment solutions together with the Sampo Group. The portfolio also takes into account future trends such as corporate responsibility as responsible companies usually perform better in the long term.

Mandatum Life Pension fund offers the most attractive investment destinations for a long-term pension investor with solutions that are usually only available for large institutional investors.
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Choose your own investment allocation
Manage your pension investments yourself and choose funds according to your expectations of investment return and risk tolerance. Choose among a wide selection of Mandatum Life offered funds and compile your own investment basket or choose to allocate your money to just one fund. You have the possibility to move your investments between different Mandatum Life funds without paying any extra fees or taxes.
*Alternative investments is an exclusive investment solution that includes a broad spectrum of equity and debt investments including real estate, direct lending and private equity. Mandatum Life has diversified portfolio offering with the world’s most attractive alternative investments together with co-investments of Sampo Group and long-standing experience.

Advantages of collecting to III pension pillar

Adjustable savings – choose yourself the amount of money you are putting away so it suits your needs and current resources.
Tax benefits – it is the best way how to save over a long period because contributions to III pillar pension are incentivised by the state with tax rebate. Every year you will get a refund of 20% income tax from savings made to the III pillar. The refund applies to contributions up to 15% of your gross income, but not exceeding 6000 EUR per year. In case you contribute each month 100 EUR for one year, you will get 240 EUR refund next Spring which can be e.g. reinvested to your III pillar pension.
Withdrawal of savings – use your money if needed before even reaching retirement age, although in this case income tax will be deducted from the payments. From age 55, if the III pillar contract has been valid at least 5 years, the income tax rate when withdrawing money will be only 10%. The same percentage applies in case of incapacitation and inability to work. Lifelong pension disbursements are completely tax-free.

Pension solution for companies

Help to secure for your employees a comfortable retirement by contributing to their III pension pillar. We will help to find together with you the best plan for your company.

What are the benefits:

  • Retention of existing and attracting of new employees is a crucial part of all successful companies. Keeping people motivated and having a positive reputation on the market will help to achieve that. Employers’ pension can be a part of the motivation package for some or all your employees.
  • Thinking ahead and contributing to your employees future you are socially responsible.
  • By using the III pillar pension solution it is possible to gain tax benefits, no income tax is charged on the contributions which gives 20% gain vs salary. It applies to contributions up to 15% of employees gross income, but not exceeding 6000 EUR per year.
  • Employee pension is a flexible solution where the contributions can be different for each employee, it is possible to change the amounts in time and choose between regular or lump-sum agreement.

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