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Insurance cover for children

Accidents are easy to come by while discovering the everyday world, having fun and training.In such moments, it is natural if you as a parent want to support the child and offer them the best treatment and recovery options.


Find the most suitable insurance for your child. You can choose whether you want additional life insurance coverage for your child for trauma, disability or critical illness.

Pros of Mandatum Life insurance:

  • validity of the insurance from 2 months to 26 years of age;
  • one-off risk assessment when concluding a contract;
  • a fixed price for child insurance cover for the entire period;
  • flexible agreement;
  • lack of exclusions.


Accident insurance cover

Children have always many ongoing activities in progress. They go to the playrooms, jump on the trampoline, go to soccer training and have other active hobbies. During all those activities some accidents might be easy to happen. In the event of an accident, the insurance will pay you pain money, which you can use at your discretion.
The insurance supports in the event of disability or trauma resulting from an accident, providing a financial security for the duration of the recovery.

In the event of an accidental trauma, the child may need paid medical care or expensive medication to recover quickly.
In these kind of happenings, it is very important to start rehabilitation treatment quickly, but the queues can be very long. Insurance benefits can speed up the recovery process.

Critical illness insurance cover

In some cases, the child is not injured, but instead suffers from a serious illness. In the case of a critical illness, the state usually covers the initial cost of treatment, but all treatments and recovery can be long and costly.

Cover for serious illness consists of a tax-free lump sum benefit that you will receive upon being diagnosed with or treated for a serious illness. You can use the money in the way your family needs the most, either long-term rehabilitation or specialist care, adjusting your home to your child's needs or medicines that are not covered by state health insurance.


Viisid, kuidas toetada lapse rahalist iseseisvumist

Laps saab kodust kaasa hea stardi iseseisvaks eluks, kui talle on maast-madalast õpetatud raha väärtust ja sellega ümberkäimist.

„On võimalik harjutada väikeste ja pisut suuremate eesmärkide täitmist,” räägib Mandatum Life’i ettevõtluse arendus- ja juhtimisvaldkonna peaspetsialist Petri Vieraankivi.

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Kindlusta end oma pere jaoks

Me kindlustame tavaliselt oma vara ja kodu, et asjad oleksid lihtsamad, kui nendega peaks midagi juhtuma. Kuid elukindlustusele me enamasti ei mõtle, sest ei tunneta selleks vajadust. Aga kui veidi järele mõelda, siis on lihtne tabada, et elukindlustust me ei teegi ju enda, vaid tegelikult ikka lähedaste jaoks. Eriti siis, kui peres on lapsed.

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Tervist ei saa osta, meelerahu ja kindlustustunnet saab

Kui inimene tõsiselt haigestub, peaksid rahaasjad viimasena meeles olema. Nii kahjuks siiski alati ei ole. Et rahaline situatsioon niigi raskes eluolukorras muret ei teeks, tasub kaaluda kindlustust.

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