How to choose investment solution

Selection of right solution for investing your money is the most important one during whole cycle of investing. It is not only about return it can deliver. It is about your investment time horizon, your return expectations, readiness to take risk and also prior experience. In addition, it is also about a way you would like your money to be managed and how you would like to be involved in this process.

There are many different investment solutions available for Mandatum Life customers for investing their money.

  • If you are willing to have professional experts managing your money on your behalf Investment Management Service strategies is the most suitable choice. The only thing you need to select risk level which can be done by using investor’s profile test developed by Mandatum Life. The rest will be done by our investment professionals. They will manage your money accordingly your goals and will keep you updated about any major decisions made through regular SMS and e-mails.
  • If you are willing to participate in building up you investment portfolio and select investment instruments by yourself, choose any other Mandatum Life baskets or solutions provided by our partners. Those cover wide collection of investment instruments (bonds, equities, alternative investments) as well as geographical coverage (Europe, USA, Asia, Latin America, etc). Choice of those solutions depends only on investor’s choice and Mandatum Life will not provide any suggestions or recommendations regarding buying or selling any of particular thematic baskets of funds.
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  • For customers with investment portfolio greater than 250 thdEUR, tailor-made investment solutions are available together with professional and discreet service delivered by our wealth management team.
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    You are invited to contact Mandatum Life advisors in order to find your personal investor’s profile as well as which solution serves better to your needs.
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